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architectural photography of commercial and corporate interiors and exteriors, civic construction, bridges, structural details, location and creative architectural flourishes.
square patterned city building windowslooking up tall skyscraperlooking up under roof of a business entrya number of metal chimney tubes above rooflinecorner view of an art deco buildinglooking up at one of the Anzac Bridge pylonsreflections of clouds in city building windowwriggly shading above building windowsgeometry of red sides of museum entranceconcave corner of high rise buildingyellow city building reflected in windowstriangular facets covering a buildingtall building no windows reflected in neighbouring windowschinese decorated capitals at museum entrysteel and glass interior of an art gallerycorrugated wall with small slit windows and street lightsymmetrical red corner geometry with white balconieslooking up at central dome with bid decorationsdiagonal parallel pattern of building balconieslooking down at glass entrance to art centre